Chairman of Sky Fruit Egypt

Mohamed El-Toukhi is primarily a researcher in economic affairs, a member of the former Egyptian commercial representation and a member of the Photogrammetry Council for Food Industries and one of the members of Egypt’s representation in the Mercosur Gathering Agreement in Latin America. In the period from 2007 to 2010, which achieved a boom in production and export, which was praised by all parties in this period, and he is the founder of the company with Egyptian and European partners of great importance in the field of the company’s work.

He owned the Cam Trade Egypt company for export and import, which achieved historical figures in the field of exporting tomato and fruit concentrates to Europe and Russia and among its European partners, Cam wants Ford Russia, the Italian Gaguaro Company in Naples and the Italian Sky Fruta and other European customers. in the field.

And due to market changes and thought about the health and safety of global food, and due to the orientation of European countries and the global market for healthy food products, especially the transfer of the market index for fresh and processed fruits and vegetables on the impact of agricultural plants, it was from this the start of Sky Fruit Egypt. For sorting and packing vegetables and fresh and frozen fruits with the latest international systems in 2018 and after export experience, skipped 20 years of experience, reputation and distinguished management for the partners and Mr. Mohamed Al-Toukhi, the founder and chairman of the company’s board of directors to be an addition and a new start in the field of sorting And packing and exporting all kinds of fresh Egyptian fruits and vegetables that comply with international standards, especially conforming to the strict global health and safety conditions in this field.

International quality standards

  • Food Safety.
  • Pollutants.
  • Limited use of pesticides.
  • The absence of mycotoxins.
  • Limited amount of heavy minerals in food.
  • Reducing the risk of microbiological contaminants.
  • Safe packaging and informative labeling.
  • Of course, these standards are available in the Sky Fruit Egypt product.

Sorting and Packing Station

Sky Fruit Egypt is distinguished from its counterparts by having the latest plant for sorting and packing all agricultural products and crops, as the fruits and vegetables are sorted and equipped with the highest quality and the latest technology.

And with a distinct quality department, the uniformity of weight and color is monitored using healthy materials in order to avoid any harmful substances in human health.

The packing is carried out by trained expert hands without contact between the worker’s hands and the fruits. To implement the terms of the “jap” certificate, hygiene is strictly observed in the production department so that all workers follow strict hygiene and hygiene procedures.

To ensure the quality of the products and keep them fresh, there are refrigerators at the highest level to preserve the product before and after processing.

The station is certified by Global GA.P.