Natural taste from the farm!

Organic Products

We also provide organic products. We take care of every peace carefully.

Keeps your family healthy

Our products are full of vitamins to keep your family healthy.

Our story

We are Sky Fruit Egypt, we are one of the biggest fruit importers in Egypt. We have many types of fruits to provide.

Our company deals with many countries around the world, where you are we will reach you.

We got fresh fruits with great cotainers to ensure that every thing reach safe to you.

Fresh & Frozen

From our fart to your market, we ensure quality 100%.

Safe from pesticides

We use very safe materials for your health.

Making Your Live Easer!

We Got The Best Frozen Fruits!

We make sure that everything runs as the book, we take every care of every small thing. The rapid freezing process ends when the temperature in the fruit centre reaches -18 ° C.

Products From the Farm

We Provide a huge variety from all kinds of fruits.


Best apples with many types for eating and juices .


Many types of berries with the best quality you can find.


All citrus from lime to orange.

Want to know more?

Looking for best products?

We are more than happy to hear from you at any time, just contact us and our team will provide you all the information you need.